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Milonguero-style tango is the style prefered by the various tango clubs and is typically danced with a slightly leaning posture that typically joins the torsos of the two dancers that Argentine's call apilado) to create a merged axis while allowing a little bit of distance between the couple's feet. The embrace is also typically closed with the woman�s right shoulder as close to her partner's left shoulder as her left shoulder is to his right, and the woman's left arm is often draped behind the man's neck. Some practitioners of this style suggest that each dancer lean against their partner and lead from the chest while others including ourselves say that the technique is much more sophisticated. It is our belief that leading from the chest as some describe it should be left to those couples that are comfortable with it as it is a simple technique that requires no tuition so we teach the professional hold were which each partner leads forward without overbalancing, just enough to complete the embrace in a double V posture with the leads right sholder very slightly supporting his partner.
The couple maintaining a constant upper body contact and does not loosen their embrace to accommodate turns or ochos, which limits the couple to walking steps and simple ochos.
Milonguero-style dancers typically respond to the ric-tic-tic rhythm that is prominent in the music of Juan D'Arienzo and Rodolfo Biagi and also found in the playing of many other tango orchestras. The milonguero style allows for a more elastic approach to the rhythm when dancing to music that has a less insistent ric-tic-tic rhythm, such as that recorded by Di Sarli or Pugliese. The ocho cortado is one the characteristic figures of milonguero-style tango because it integrates the embrace with rhythmic sensibilities of the style.
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